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We take product quality seriously. That’s why you should choose us as your import partner in China.

The quality of your products is guaranteed.


If we find defective products during the inspection, we will help you replace them for free.

If you find product defects under 15 days after you received the goods and provide evidence, we will help with replacement or compensations.

General Inspection

Your goods will be checked with our free general inspection service. We check your products based on Level Ⅱ, AQL2.5, just as other inspection companies do.

When there are defective products, if you use our selected suppliers, we can solve the quality issue without charging extra fees. If it’s your own suppliers, we will help you to talk with them until the problems are solved but you will need to pay the logistics cost, traveling fee, etc.

If you want a specific inspection solution or a lower defect rate, please contact our agent to find out if there are extra fees.


Full Inspection

If you want to reduce the defect rate to 0%, we highly recommend you use our full inspection service. We will pick out all the defective products from the whole. The standard price is $10/hour. You can tell our agent what your needs are and get a quote for the full inspection.

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