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We can print logos and customize packaging for your products to differentiate them from your competitors’ products. 

Our design team will offer you multiple solutions, and our agents will help you find a factory to complete them at a good price.


We Put Your Logo on Stuff

There are many logo-making processes, we can offer the right logo-making solution for you based on your budget, MOQ, and product materials.

  • For plastic, silicon, and rubber products

For products made of these materials such as circuit boards, silicone wristbands, and rubber phone cases, the most used print method is silk screen, one of the most cost-effective logo-making solutions, for its cheap price and fast process. 

  • For wood and metal products

For products made of hard solid materials, laser printing is suggested to give the products a more natural and premium look. This printing method is widely used in many wooden crafts, tools, and hardware.

  • For fabric and leather products

For textiles, silk screens can be considered, or you can also choose embroidery to make your products look like they are handcrafted. For leather products, hot stamping and embossing are the most frequently used logo printing methods.

We Have Various Solutions to Package Your Products

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